Welcome to HAHBs wordpress site. Primary reason for setting it up for now is to sell advance tickets for the Cork show in February. It’s a small but perfectly formed venue with a great reputation. But our overheads are high and we need to hit magic number to make this gig work and ensure there are more after it so buy early and buy often! Perfect stocking filler.

Tickets on sale right here, right now, Bring a pal for a fiver!


We’ve also got a very limited number of seats on the bus travelling from Limerick to Cork. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of life on the road with a touring rock’n’roll band. Ticket price includes admission to the gig.
Ts&Cs: Just a bit of cop on is all. First of all -we can’t do walk ups (ie this is Advance ticket sales only). Bus departs Limerick City Center, (Arthurs Quay) at 5.30pm on Saturday 11th February. If you’re late we can’t wait. We’ll have you back in Limerick for 2.00am. So don’t wander off into the city lights after the gig. Fair enough?

1 x Return Bus and Show Ticket €20 …SORRY -MISSED THE BUS


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