On Saturday Feb 11th Half Arsed Half Biscuit visit Cork where they will present an opportunity to hear the wonderful songs of the incomparable genius of Half Man Half Biscuit performed in a live environment to which they’re scarcely accustomed – Ireland.

The well worn pathways for Irish fans of the notoriously travel shy Half Man Half Biscuit weave through the various airports and ferry terminals. This February we offer our pale substitute of the real thing closer to home at Fred Zeppelins, Cork where we’ll serve up as many of the songs as we can possibly cram into a couple of hours.

Putting on a tribute show to an act whose highest chart position is 56 is not without its challenges. You could argue of course that the neutral observer would scarcely spot slip ups or any lack of fidelity to the originals. Alas there doesn’t tend to be a whole lot of neutrals about. HMHB fans tend to be passionate and partisan about the songs -good natured with it mind and supportive of HAHB as being an initiative by fans for fans.

Tickets on sale now -with buy one get one half price deals on advance ticket sales online.  https://halfarsedhalfbiscuit.wordpress.com/


POSTER: hahb-cork-2017-feb


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